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Ready-to-Go Pots

Ready-to-Go pots are pre-planted in a pot liner and ready to slip into your own container.


Item Name Product Image Item Number Price

Chef's Choice

Full Sun to Part Shade - 18" pot liner; Basil-green and purple, arugula, chive, dill, rosemary, oregano, Italian parsley
Chef's Choice RTG-002 $40.00


Full Sun to Part Shade -  12" pot liner; Easy wave berry petunia, white marigold, silver lubularia. Total of 5 plants
Contemporary RTG-003 $35.00

Happy Carousel

Part Shade to Shade - 12" pot liner; Blue lobelia, deep red new guinea impatiens, white New Guinea impatiens, coleus Redhead mosaic. Total of 5 plants      
Happy Carousel RTG-006 $35.00

Herb Bowl

Full Sun - 12-inch pot; Red basil, green basil, variegated thyme, tricolor sage, edible marigold, 2 nasturtium, 2 viola.
Herb Bowl RTG-012 $35.00

Morning Light

Full Sun to Part Shade - 12" pot liner; Black sweet potato vine, peach verbena, deep red geranium, spike, yellow lantana. Total of 5 plants
Morning Light RTG-005 $35.00

Nature Center Collection

12-inch pot. Miss Montreal semi-trailing begonia, white euphorbia, and 'Candy Kisses' hemizygia.
Nature Center Collection RTG-008 $45.00

Ragu Pot

18-inch pot liner for full sun Basils- green, red, and Greek. Sweet red peppers, patio cherry tomato, bunching onions.
Ragu Pot RTG- 010 $45.00

Shady Hearts

Part Shade to Shade - 12" pot liner; Twister grass, upright lavender/red fuschia, white New Guinea impatiens, blue lobelia, trailing orchid impatiens. Total of 5 plants
Shady Hearts RTG-004 $35.00

Three Old Friends

10-inch pot for full sun. Rosemary, sage, thyme garnished with a few nasturtuims
Three Old Friends RTG-011 $22.00