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Albion Strawberry

Moist, well drained soil; full sun. The berries are long, mostly conical, very firm and red throughout. A high sugar content gives them sweet flavor. Grows upright with moderate runners reaching 2 to 3 feet. A versatile choice for growing in the garden or hanging baskets. This variety is capable of very high yields when given extra watering and nutrients.Disease resistant. 1.5 gallon
Albion Strawberry BER-003 $10.00

Fallgold Raspberry

Ht 3-4' Moist, well drained soil; full sun. Large, sweet, golden berries. Everbearing - it produces two crops on each biennial cane (unless pruned otherwise): a fall crop on the top 1/3 of the canes and a second crop the following early summer on the bottom 2/3 of the canes. May need staking. 2 gallon
Fallgold Raspberry BER-001 $25.00

Heritage Red Raspberry

Ht 4-5' moist soil; full sun to part shade. Medium sized fruits with good color and flavor, firmness, and freezing quality. High yielding. Can produce a crop in the spring and a second in the fall depending on pruning strategy. Best in rich soil. Upright growth doesn't need staking. 2 gallon
Heritage Red Raspberry BER-002 $25.00