Common Butterflies of Spring

Mourning Cloak

Red Admiral

Eastern Comma

Junior Naturalists

Spring is here and it is time to trade your warm winter boots for some light weight rain gear. Find the nearest puddle and jump in!

This spring we are celebrating life. Winter snow is thawing away to reveal the squishy mud underneath. Keep your eyes open for plants and animals that are waking up from hibernation. Soon splashes of color will begin to pop up all over outside, and newly born critters will be running around.

At the Nature Center, we are giving a special shout out to all the pollinators in our life. Keep your eyes alert for the beautiful butterflies, bees and birds and, even flies, mosquitos, and beetles since they work to pollinate our native plants, too. All those little critters help spread the pollen that keeps our plants growing so that new plants will grow year after year. Make sure to study them closely and observe all of their hard work.

Nature Challenge: Activity

Complete our spring word search! Click here to download your Spring Challenge! Bring your completed puzzle to the Nature Center and receive a Nature Center gift!