Dear Friends, 

Our team is well underway to making an impact in 2024. This dynamic staff, dedicated board, and committed core group of volunteers help transform the Nature Center from a destination of education and eco-mindfulness into a centerpiece of the culture of Northeast Ohio.

In everything we do, our team will continue to strive to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. This effort, nor any we undertake, can be done alone. Our team relies on our partnering organizations and regional advisors to ensure a meaningful experience for all visitors.

For those members and supporters that have helped us get to where we are today, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! For those who are looking for a way to make an impact, there is a great opportunity that lies in front of us to lead the region through the woods and demonstrate the importance of our dedicated work here in the Shaker Parklands.

All we work toward is a curated collaborative effort guided by the community's pulse. Your presence at our events, support of our team, visitation at our space, and engagement through our programming drives us to continually progress everything that we do.

I’m ever inspired by this region that we call home and excited for all we will accomplish together.

You can find me in the trees!

Peter Bode, President and Chief Executive Officer
(216) 321-5935 ext. 227

Cara Anderson, Development Associate
(216) 321-5935, ext. 232

Maria Asher, Director of Grants & Foundation Relations
(216) 321-5935, ext. 228

Shelley Bender, Environmental Educator

Peter Bode, President & CEO
(216) 321-5935, ext 227

Christi Carlson, Rentals and HR Coordinator
(216) 321-5935, ext. 234

Lisa Golba, Environmental Educator in Residence Program Manager
(216) 321-5935, ext.225

Eric Gregorchik, Director of Operations
(216) 321-5935, ext. 229

Christopher Hall, Director of Finance and Administration
(216) 321-5935, ext. 222

Michelle Hall, Accountant Bookkeeper
(216) 321-5935, ext. 222

Hunter Hammil, Outdoor Adventure Camp Manager
p 216.321.5935 ext. 226

Emmaline Hannan, Visitor Services Associate

Katrina Heinzen, Seasonal Environmental Educator + B'earthday Party Educator

Sarah Holden, Environmental Educator

Kimberlee Jones, Director of Philanthropy 
p 216.321.5935 ext. 223

Wilfredo Lopez, Environmental Educator

Tami Masuoka, Visitor Services Associate

Nick Mikash, Natural Resources Manager
(216) 321-5935, ext. 240 

Megan Millisor, Volunteer Manager

Erica Prange, Director of Education
(216) 321-5935, ext. 243

Katie Ross, School Programs Manager
(216) 321-5935 ext. 233

Meri Ruble, Environmental Educator

Greg Sabin, Facilities Assistant

Lauren Schmidt, Environmental Educator 
(216) 321-5935, ext. 226

Paula St. John, Visitor Services Associate

Nia Turner, Community Engagement Manager
(216) 321 - 5935 ext. 241

Kyle Warren, Natural Resources Technician 
(216) 321 - 5935 ext. 230

Andy Weiss, Visitor Services Associate

Wendy Weiss, Visitor Services Associate

Rachel Weller, Visitor Services and Office Manager
(216) 321-5935, ext. 246

Melissa Whitten, Birthday Party Educator

Maya Williams, Environmental Educator

Tania Younkin, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement
(216) 321-5935, ext. 244

Alexandria Yurosko, Marketing Content Manager
(216) 321-5935, ext. 242


Miranda Luse*, AmeriCorps Staff Member
*not employed by NCSL