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Join our highly skilled environmental educators and trained naturalists in a series of live, engaging and informative videos and downloadable resources!

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Learn about nature through this virtual series!

Join our highly skilled environmental educators and trained naturalists in a series of live, engaging and informative videos targeted to families and adults who wish to deepen their connection with nature. Join us LIVE on select dates, watch previous lessons, and download fun activities!

eastern box turtles

Learn more about our LIVE Eastern box turtles, Happy and Tripod from Environmental Educator Caitlin Connick.

online learning

Listen to Environmental Educator Lisa Golba read an adorable snail story and meet our LIVE snails.

live snake feeding

Watch a LIVE snake feeding and learn more about Eastern rat snakes.

virtual hike

Go on a virtual hike with junior naturalist Maggie and her Mom and Marketing Director, Tania Younkin. Learn how you can best utilize our nature-filled trails and hiking paths at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes in Cleveland, Ohio!

owl pellets

What do owls eat? Join Education Director Erica Prange as she investigates the diets of owls through dissecting owl pellets. What can we learn about an owl's diet and behavior through the remains of their last meal?

spring hike

What are the earliest signs of spring?
Go on a virtual hike with Nick Mikash, Natural Resources Specialist as he searches for Ohio's many signs of spring.

animal enrichment

Do reptiles play? Watch as Environmental Educator Lauren Schmidt demonstrates how we create enriching experiences for the Nature Center's animals with easy, household items, and how you can create enrichment of your own for your pets at home!

stream study

What lives in our streams? Investigate invertebrates from our local streams with Education Director Erica Prange. We dive deep into how studying macroinvertebrates can tell us about the health of our local streams and waterways.

red-backed salamanders

Are salamanders slimy? Investigate the wonderful, slimy world of salamanders and their amazing lifecycle with LIVE salamanders and Environmental Educator Lauren Schmidt.

invasive plants

What IS an invasive plant? Environmental Educator Caitlin Connick walks us through her own backyard to show us how to recognize native from invasive plants and teaches us why they can be harmful to native plants and animals.

virtual hike

Learn how we're protecting and planting native plants around the Nature Center's 20-acres with Nick Mikash, Natural Resources Specialist, and why it matters for protecting, preserving, and enhancing biodiversity in our region.

flower dissection

Do you know the parts of a flower? Learn how to identify the pieces and parts of a flower with Education Director Erica Prange! For more fun, follow along with us at home with your own flower!

flower dissection

Want a fun way to engage kids in nature at home? Build a biocube! Education Director Erica Prange leads you through the purpose and construction of this fascinating, easy, and fun at-home citizen science activity.

homeschool resources

Do YOU know your neighborhood birds? Tune in to learn how to feed the most commonly seen birds in your yard and get a SNEAK PEEK inside of a baby American robin nest!

educational resources


Join us for a LIVE reading of Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson by Environmental Educator Caitlin Connick and her pet rabbit, Angus! Caitlin will be discussing rabbits, their diet, behaviors, biology, and more!